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March 30, 2020  
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Position Description

Cashier Nutrition Services - (20001250)


Job Title:

Cashier – Food Service



Job Code & Class

86207, Support, 41-2011

Revision Date:


Salary Plan & Pay Grade:

Support; SCH003

Revised By:

Spencer Taylor

EEO Code:

516: Service Workers

Comp Reviewed By:

Sheila Armstrong

Grant Funded?

No - Local

# of months; # of days:

10-months; 196 days


REPORTS TO: Manager – Food Service

DEPARTMENT NAME: Food & Nutrition Services

JOB SUMMARY (2-3 sentences): Receives and disburses money by selling food to students and staff. Responsible for operating the cash register and maintaining the serving line. Works under general supervision according to some procedures; decides how and when to complete tasks.

PRIMARY JOB FUNCTIONS: List, in the order of time spent, the essential tasks performed by the position. Employees may be assigned additional duties by management as required.

JobResponsibility 1:

Receives payment bycash, vouchers, or automatic debits. Issues receipts, refunds, credits, orchange due to customers.

JobResponsibility 2:

Assists withpreparation and packaging of food items; ensures food temperature and portionsizes are appropriate.

JobResponsibility 3:

Stocks and rotatesfood items displayed for sale on the serving line.

JobResponsibility 4:

Maintains clean andorderly checkout areas and complete other general cleaning duties, such ascleaning serving area and storing unused food items. Stocks shelves and marksprices.

JobResponsibility 5:

Answers customers'questions, and provides information on procedures or policies.

JobResponsibility 6:

Assists customersby providing information and resolving their complaints. Processes returnsand exchanges.

JobResponsibility 7:

Identifies pricesof goods and tabulates bills using cash registers or optical price scanners.

JobResponsibility 8:

Balances sales tomonies receives. Completes reports.


EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: “Education Requirements” refers to job specific training and education required for entry into the position.

Requires high school diploma, GED, or vocational training.

LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS, AND REGISTRATIONS REQUIRED: “Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations” refers to professional, state, or federal licenses, certifications, or registrations required to enter the position.

Requires none.

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: “Experience Requirements” refers to the amount of work experience that is required for entry into the position that would result in reasonable expectation that the person can perform the tasks required by the position.

Requires three months of related experience including working with customers. Must have knowledge of arithmetic to solve problems.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: “Physical Demands” refers to the requirements for physical exertion and coordination of limb and body movement.

Standing and walking: 5+ hours per day (full duty)

Lifting and carrying: frequently, with loads weighing 20 to 50 pounds (medium)

Push and pull: frequently, with loads weighing 20 to 50 pounds (medium)

Dexterity: ability to operate machines, tools or office equipment

Additional demands:

UNAVOIDABLE HAZARDS: “Unavoidable Hazards” refers to unusual conditions in the work environment that may cause illness or injury.

extreme heat/cold: frequently

wet or humid conditions: frequently

bright/dim lights: rarely

vibration: rarely

moving hazards: rarely

moving mechanical parts: occasionally

electrical shock: rarely

fumes or noxious odors: occasionally

toxic or caustic chemicals: occasionally

Other exposures:

SENSORY (ADA) REQUIREMENTS: “Sensory Requirements” refers to hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell necessary to perform the tasks required by the position efficiently.

The position requires normal visual acuity and field of vision, hearing, speaking, color perception, sense of smell, and texture perception.


Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires MNPS to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.


See Job Description.

Primary Location: Nashville

Work Locations: Hunters Lane High 1150 Hunters Lane Nashville TN

Job: Nutrition Services

Job Schedule: Full-Time

Additional Information

Salary: 12.08
Employment Type: Full-Time    
Position Location: Nashville, TN
Number of Positions: 5

Contact Information

Gloria Hill
Phone: 615-259-8607

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